J Exp Med. 2001 Feb 19;193(4):447-58.

FLICE-inhibitory protein is a key regulator of germinal center B cell apoptosis.External

Hennino, A., Berard, M., Krammer, P. H., Defrance, T.,
--- - Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (INSERM), U404 Immunite et Vaccination, Lyon, Cedex 07, France.
Affinity maturation of the B cell response to antigen (Ag) takes place in the germinal centers (GCs) of secondary follicles. Two sequential molecular mechanisms underpin this process. First, the B cell repertoire is diversified through hypermutation of the immunoglobulin (Ig) variable region genes. Second, mutant B cell clones with improved affinity for Ag are positively selected by Ag and CD40 ligand (L). This selection step is contingent upon "priming" of GC B cells for apoptosis. The molecular means by which B cell apoptosis is initiated and controlled in the GC remains unclear. Here, we show that GC B cell apoptosis is preceded by the rapid activation of caspase-8 at the level of CD95 death-inducing signaling complex (DISC). We found that GC B cells ex vivo display a preformed inactive DISC containing Fas-associated death domain-containing protein (FADD), procaspase-8, and the long isoform of cellular FADD-like IL-1beta-converting enzyme-inhibitory protein (c-FLIP(L)) but not the CD95L. In culture, c-FLIP(L) is rapidly lost from the CD95 DISC unless GC B cells are exposed to the survival signal provided by CD40L. Our results suggest that (a) the death receptor signaling pathway is involved in the affinity maturation of antibodies, and (b) c-FLIP(L) plays an active role in positive selection of B cells in the GC.
PMID: 11181697External
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DD FADD Link Fas Co-immunoprecipitation Tonsillar germinal center B cell 11181697
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